Our Story: Passion Manifested Through Love and Artistry

The dream of our company is to create more beauty and excitement so that those around us can be inspired and feel as though life is truly a gift.

People seek things that are beautiful, that invoke good feelings, and that encourage the creation of happy memories. Happiness can be found in the smallest of miracles—a beautiful butterfly or a the sun’s rays warming your face. Cornet Barcelona was founded with these concepts in mind.

It’s about watching a favorite movie for the 15th time because the film makes you laugh as you savor the warmth of your significant other’s hand gently clasped in yours.

It’s about picking up your child from school and stopping for ice cream because the melted chocolate on your little one’s nose will be the most precious thing you’ll see all week.

It’s about lingering at the dinner table long after the plates have been cleared because hearing loved ones sharing stories about the “good old days” takes us back to simpler times.

Cornet Barcelona knows these moments are not just important—they are truly vital to every person’s existence and positive outlook on life. It’s a simple formula, really: Take each day and share it with others. Make the moments count. Spend more time engaging in the activities that bring you joy. Laugh more. Smile a lot. And fully appreciate all that you have.

Behind each of our glasses is a beautiful story of your own just waiting to be created. We invite you to find joy in each day and cherish special times with those whom you love. Life is worth sharing with friends and family and we want you to embrace each moment and find beauty in the things around you.

Each of us wants to be inspired. As a company, we looked for something that would inspire us, too. What if we could create something delightful and beautiful, something bright and cheerful that would bring a smile and wake up emotions from deep inside?

We decided that the stained glass windows from the Sagrada Familia Basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi would be perfect! The amazingly beautiful rays of light streaming through the richly vibrant windows have moved people to tears for decades. The colors are simply breathtaking… there are no words that can truly describe their unmistakable beauty. That’s the inspiration we were looking for.

The basilica itself is a place that brings peace, generosity, love, and harmony to each and every individual who visits. One is truly transformed after seeing all the beauty that poured from Gaudi’s hands into his finest work. This masterpiece of fine craftsmanship invokes such positive feelings in visitors that we wanted the same feelings to be felt by everyone around the world.

With the basilica’s inspiration in mind, we set to work. Each Cornet Barcelona piece is of museum quality—pick one up and hold it to the light. Now turn it slowly. You’ll daydream in those colors. You’ll remember a sunset that had those rich hues. Or maybe you’ll recall a school trip to a museum where you got lost in ethereal paintings that seemed too beautiful to be of this earth. Perhaps the colors will transport you back to a vacation in a foreign land where the cottages were painted in varying shades of brightness.

Our artistic pieces aren’t just glasses. They are meant to inspire you… bring you joy, delight, peace, and happiness—values that should be embraced and cherished—just as the basilica has done for millions. And remember... these glasses are individually mouth-blown and made by steady hands so that each is unique and distinctly beautiful. Our handcrafted method is the only way to create flawless and artistic glasses with such deeply mesmerizing characteristics.

Whatever the reason, we want you to create memories with our glasses. Use them for special occasions—your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, your daughter’s graduation, Christmas Eve, a niece’s bridal shower. But use them to celebrate ordinary occasions, too—a paella dinner, the final payment on your car, a surprise gift in the mail from a friend.

Our belief is that each moment should be celebrated and enjoyed. Even the most ordinary of days can turn into something extraordinary.

Cornet Barcelona helps you turn every day into a happy memory.